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Sagit Manor

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 by in Uncategorized |

CEO at Nyotron

Sagit joined Nyotron, a cybersecurity company who develops the industry’s first Endpoint Prevention and Response solution, as the CEO in Dec 2017. Sagit brings broad management and finance experience from the cybersecurity and payment industries, along with a passion to drive people to make a difference wherever they are.

Sagit began her career in finance and Operation at Ernst & Young and served in several finance, operation and CFO roles at Lipman and Verifone. Through that time, Sagit led IPO at NASDAQ as well as several strategic acquisitions. She then transitioned to the cybersecurity industry at Nyotron, as the CFO and later on as the CEO, while realizing that a combination of strategic thinking with a great balance of execution skills will take you far.

Sagit was born and raised in Israel and was relocated to the Bay Area, CA in 2008. Sagit considers herself an Israeli Jewish American.
In her free time, she loves running, reading and fashion!

Sagit graduated the College of Management Academic Studies in Israel, with Bachelor of Arts in Business and Accounting.