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Founder’s Welcome

Dennis KennedyWelcome to the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology website. In 2009, I founded the National Diversity Council to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through the Top 50 Women in Technology website, my hope is to specifically recognize the achievements of women who are breaking barriers and setting high standards for themselves and others. Women in the technology industry face unique challenges, and I hope to inspire young women to face such hurdles with confidence and pursue their dreams in the technology industry.

Every year, the National Diversity Council compiles a list of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology to feature the highest caliber of executive female leaders within the technology industry. These women are the most prominent leaders, and they have reached the top of their profession by being effective leaders in their organization. They drive change, innovate, and inspire others to succeed while contributing to business growth.

The Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology meet the following criteria:

  • Top leader in her organization and profession
  • Directly contributes to business growth or strategic direction of the organization
  • Maintains a record of accomplishments in areas of expertise
  • Effective role model who inspires other women and is active in mentoring the next generation of female professionals in the industry
  • Operates with the highest integrity and ethical behavior
  • Demonstrates a commitment to corporate citizenship

We are honored to feature such a powerful group of inspirational women reaching new heights of achievement in business.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
National Diversity Council